Spam Control Information

Due to the volume of spam received by Packetizer's servers, it became necessary to aggressively combat spam. We operate both artificial intelligence systems as well as IP address blocking in an effort to curtail the volume of spam that actually gets delivered to users. Sometimes, though, good IP addresses get misclassified and that may be why you are visiting this page. We apologize for the inconvenience this might cause you when trying to reach Packetizer or users with accounts hosted by Packetizer.

NOTE: Mail from Gmail and other Google-managed domains are frequently rejected due to the high volume of spam transmitted by Google users. Please use a more reputible email provider when communicating with Packetizer.

There are a two different rejection messages you might see, which will look something like one of these:

550 5.7.1 Your message was rejected as it was considered spam; see


553 5.3.0 ... Your IP address [] is blocked by our spam filter. Please refer to

In the above example, the IP address of the mail server that has been blocked is the address appearing in brackets.

To check whether your mail server's address is blocked, enter its address here and click 'Submit':

In order to remove your mail server's IP address from the block list or to address an error in the misclassification of spam, please contact us by telephone, forward your error message to, or send an email from a different account. Please provide any information you can with your request, including the sender's email address, the recipients email address, and your mail server's IP address.

If you are unable to send email to the Packetizer team and need to reach someone, try a different email address. If that's not an option, register on Packetizer Forums and post a message or send a private message. Lastly, there is alway the telephone that will allow you to leave a voicemail message.